Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Smart Ladies

I'm so proud of my favorite little girls.  Report cards came home a few weeks ago and it looks like these two are owning school!  Haha. Addyson took some state tests and she did great, even though she was stressing over them a few days prior.  Lane is right on track, according to her teacher.  As a parent all you really want is for your kids to work hard and apply themselves, and when you see that it's happening it's pretty awesome.  Love my sweet lades!

Cold and more cold

This has been one heck of a monumental winter for us in Ohio.  And for us Texans, it's just been plain brutal.  We've maxed out our 5 calamity days for the year for school and I'm sure even more will be used.  I guess the girls will be going to school in June to make up those days.  The temps have dipped down into the negative teens with wind chills reaching 20 and 30 below.  Ouch.  We've tried hard to keep ourselves occupied while homebound.  The girls have dug old toys out of the basement, we've baked, worked puzzles, watched movies, I've started watching Downton Abbey, and today it looks like we're going to see The Nut Job.  Not many kids movies out right now, and we've seen Frozen twice already.  I guess it's nice to have downtime but too much of it will drive you a bit batty!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snowy Visits

Just after Christmas and through New Years we had a visit from the Popes and then from Bud and LeeAnn.  During both of their visits we had some serious snow days where we either couldn't leave the house because it was snowing so hard, or it was just way too cold.  During Bud and LeeAnn's visit the temps got so cold(wind chills at -35, ouch!)that school was closed for three days.  It was fun to drink hot chocolate and wassail, bake, play games, work puzzles, watch movies(Grandpa introduced the girls to Star Wars),visit the Cleveland Aquarium, shopping and get in lots of catching up.   We are always so greatful for our visitors!


Laney loves these two animals more than life.  I'm glad we have these sweet babies to love on her and her sister.  Best pets ever.

She doesn't have everything...

This morning in Sacrament meeting at church Addyson says to me, "Mom, remember how Ashlyn's mom always bought her everything?  Like, if she wanted a toy or something her mom got it for her?   Well, she doesn't have everything.  She doesn't have this church"

That's my girl.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ringing in 2014

New Year's Eve was nice and low key for our little family.  I made potato soup in the crock pot and a Whoopie Pie cake for dessert.  We watched bowl games, played Pass the Pig, Spot It, and Fibber.  Santa brought us some fun games this year. We made a fire and stayed warm while watching the snow fall outside.  Definitely magical.  
2013 was a year of plenty of ups and downs, and I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!