Friday, March 27, 2015

Celebration of the Arts-Dr. Seuss Style

Every March at school the kids get to showcase some artwork that they've been working on throughout the year.  And normally the art teacher picks a country as the theme, but this year she chose Dr. Seuss and I thought that was fun.  The art was displayed all throughout the school and it was fun walking around trying to find our sweet ladies creations.  Pretty fun to see!

4th Grade Recorder Concert

Last night was the recorder concert at school and Addyson was pretty excited about it.  Just after Christmas the kids got their recorders and having been practicing hard ever since.  They played some fun songs, even a Beethoven tune!  I was impressed and it was fun to watch.  Glad I have such a musically inclined kid, I know she certainly didn't get that from me.  Haha. Thank goodness for Ryan's musical genes!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Messing with the Tooth Fairy

Delaney is so funny.  Always trying to see what she can get away with and who's buttons she can push.  One of her front teeth is about to come out but it's taking its time.  After she left for school this morning I found a folded up note on the table.  Ryan and I laughed so hard when we saw it.  She's a mess and I wouldn't change anything about her!

A Sweet Ryan

Ryan came home from work early today with flowers for me just because.  I love those kinds of surprises.  He's pretty special!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Daddy/Daughter Dance

It was Daddy/Daughter dance time last night, and it's always such a sweet night for Ryan and his girls.  Each year the dance has a theme and this year it was "Under the Big Top" which was cute. It was circus, magic show, carnival related.  Addyson says this dance was the best yet.

This year there seemed to be a lot more hype around it, meaning little girls and their Dad's were getting limos and going to nice restaurants before the dance.  Addyson came home from school yesterday bummed that she wasn't going to do that.  I told her that to me it was sad that these girls were getting such things at a really young age, and that what would they look forward to when it's supposed to be really special, like for Senior Prom? She didn't quite get it, but one day she will.  Instead, we got her and Lane little corsages and it made my heart melt when Ryan presented them to the girls just before they left.  Such amazing memories for these girls and their Dad!  

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A new room, almost

A few months back Addyson saw some bedding in a Pottery Barn Teen catalog that she instantly loved, and since we'd been looking to get her room updated, and she couldn't decide what she liked, I quickly made a mental note of what she liked.  After she left for school I ordered it and decided to save it and give it to her for Christmas.  I completely forgot to give it to her, so I decided that one day while she was at school Ryan and I could paint and update her room with her bedding and a few other things.  There's been so many calamity days this school year and she's been sick this week, so I figured I'd at least pull out the new bedding and sheets for her to start using.  I figured the bright colors would cheer her up and they did.  I just love it because it fits her personality; crazy, bright and fun!  Now to get rid of the top bunk, get her a new lamp, and some paint on the walls.  She deserves it, she's such a great kid!