Sunday, July 26, 2009

6 Years

At 10 am on Saturday, July 26, 2003 in The Houston Texas Temple, Ryan and I were sealed for time and all eternity. I can't imagine a better way to marry the love of my life, it was a sweet ceremony to say the least.
1 apartment, 2 houses, 6 cars, 3 animals, 2 precious daughters, and 6 years later here we are living the dream! Life with us can get pretty hectic, but at the end of the day when all is quiet and kiddos are asleep and it's just the two of us, life is really good.

I feel so incredibly blessed that Heavenly Father led Ryan and me(back!) to each other. He's my best friend, I trust him and he can make me laugh until I can't breathe, he is seriously funny! Really, I'm not sure what I'd do without him. Plus, he's a great cook and he's pretty cute, too ;-)

Love to my sweet Ryan, here's to spending a wonderful eternity together...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some Sweet Memories

Yesterday at my sister Brandy and her husband Bobby's birthday party, my Mom gave me some really great pictures she found. I love old pictures, and I especially love these! Tom and Patty have both passed away, and that's why these mean so much to me.

In the first picture my Dad is on the left, a 14 month old Heather is in the middle, and my Dad's brother Tom is on the right, circa September 1976. They're quite the lookers, wouldn't you say??
Second one is self explanatory. It's pretty obvious that the "resting in the pool about to fall asleep" gene did NOT get passed on to my girls! Glad that Dad was drinking a beer while watching me in the pool though ;-)

The last one is of Aunt Patty and me. I can't tell where we are, but by my short hair I know this one was taken in about 1996. Such a sweet lady.

Still miss them both a bunch...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

American Cuties

Our favorite little firecrackers!