Friday, January 16, 2015

Pinnacle Volleyball Clinic

Addyson is participating in a 6 week long volleyball clinic at an indoor sports center near us.  A friend of hers has done it in the past and really liked it.  She started this past Wednesday and she had lots of fun.  There's about 14 girls in the class total and I was proud of Addyson, she was really ahead of the game with many of the drills.  She's taken a few classes and been in some volleyball camps in the past that have helped her.  I'm glad she's found a sport she truly loves and looks forward to getting better at.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Smart Girl!

Today when report cards came home there was a letter included in Addyson's that I was really proud of.  I'm so grateful that she's such a smart kid.  She works hard and expects a lot from herself.  She doesn't do things half way, and has discipline.  It's all showing through in her grades and test results.  Just when I think I can't be more proud of her, she does even more.  Can't wait to see where this little one goes in life, I know what ever happens she'll do some amazing things.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Embracing the Winter

Instead of being sad that it's not Summer, I think our family does a pretty good job of making the most of the snowy Ohio Winters.  After school today, which was a delayed start because of some heavy snow overnight, the girls and Ryan went outside and had some fun.  Missing our 50 degree Houston Winters, but the snowy ones up here are growing on us!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

First snow day of the year

They closed school for the first time today for this school year.  It wasn't because of the snow, but because of the negative temperature.  Last year we ended up have 9 snow days, wonder how man we'll have this time?

Alli the Babysitter

Shortly after we moved in there was a knock at the door, and it was our neighbors, the Eskers.  They came to introduce themselves, along with their then 15 year old daughter, Alli.  Carrie, Alli's mom said she babysat and after I heard that, Alli became our permanent sitter.  She's been so great for our family, she's responsible, dependable, we trust her, and best of all she loves playing with our girls.

A few weeks before Christmas this past year, Alli texted me to ask if she could take the girls for a few hours one afternoon during Christmas break for a girls day.  Of course I said yes and they all had so much fun.  They went to the mall and had lunch, went to a pet store to pet the dogs, Alli bought the girls some things at Bath and Body Works, and they had frozen yogurt on the way home.  Lots of fun!  

Alli is graduating high school in May and I'm not sure yet where she'll go to college, but I hope it's somewhere close so we can still have her over from time to time.  We lucked out when we moved down the street from her and her family!