Friday, October 30, 2015

Trunk or Treat

About a month ago at Ward Council Bishop asked Ryan to be in charge of our Trunk or Treat this year.  Ryan is always super busy so I told him I'd take care of most of it.  We decided to have a potluck of soup and chili and cornbread.  We had a DJ with musical chairs for the kids, a craft room for the little ones, and of course Trunk or Treating.  Addyson wanted to invite Regan so that was fun to have her tag along.  I was grateful for all of the extra hands that helped us make it a success!

Pumpkin Carving 2015

As always we carved some pumpkins this week.  We normally do it just before Halloween so the pumpkins don't rot.  This year we did an owl, a bat, and one with holes drilled through it so the light shines a cool way.  

Sister Missionaries

This past Sunday we had our Sister  Missionaries from church over for dinner. It was so much fun because it was a girls only night.  Ryan was traveling so it worked it that no boys were allowed, haha. I made Taco Soup with cornbread and we had a Boston Cream Poke Cake for dessert.  Chocolate and lots of laughing, it was lots of fun.  The sisters wanted to do an activity with us that we all loved. The four of us stood in a circle and said kind things to each other to lift the other one up.  Obviously I got teared up when I told Addyson that she was so pretty with a beautiful singing voice.  Sister Hardy told me I was a good cook to which I had to laugh.  No one has ever told me that so it was fun to hear!  One of the Sisters, Sister DeWilde, is from The Netherlands and left to go home this past week.  We loved her and hated to see her go.  I'm glad we at least got to have her over once.  
When the Sisters left Laney cried because she said she made two new friends that she was sad to see go.  We exchanged email addresses so we are glad we can keep in touch that way.  We were certainly blessed by them that evening and made a great memory.  

Baptism Pictures

Delaney was born during my favorite time of the year, the Fall.  The beautiful leaves, cooler weather, and the holidays looming.  So it was a perfect time for us to take pictures to celebrate her upcoming baptism at church.  We got some great pics at a park near us, and some in our own front yard.  Can't believe she'll be 8 in less than two weeks.  I still see her walking around the house in just a diaper and a binkie in her mouth with her blanket draped over her shoulder.  Makes my heart ache because I miss those days, but I sure love the kid she is today.  She's got the best sense of humor, just like her Dad.  At least once a day she has me laughing.  I hope we were able to capture some of her sweet personality in the pictures!  I'm so excited for her baptism and for the amazing journey she's already on in her life.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Halloween is in the air

We love decorating the house for Halloween.  The weather is cooler and the leaves are turning.  The best time of the year here in Ohio for sure!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A 41st for Ryan

Ryan's birthday was Monday and it was so nice!  We decided to spend the morning at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in downtown Cleveland.  It was great because we didn't have to pay a sitter and had the whole day to hang out.  We saw some pretty neat things at the hall of fame and got lots of neat pictures. Afterwards we went and had cheeseburgers at the B Spot, that place never disappoints.  After the girls got home from school we had a Harry Potter movie night, then a Dairy Queen Blizzard cake.  Ryan's favorite!  I hope he had a great day because the girls and I had fun trying to make him feel extra special.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Autumn in Ohio

There's a Metropark system that runs through the Cleveland area, and there's a section of it through Hinckley, a town near our house.  There's a beautiful lake and several different hike, bike and running/walking trails that our family loves.  Since school started, my friend Jessica and I meet once a week to walk the 3-4 mile path.  It's one of my favorite things to do each week.  Yesterday morning I felt like getting back out to the trail so I asked Ryan if he wanted to go with me.  We went and took Baxter and it was amazing.  This time of year with the leaves turning along with the cooler weather makes for a perfect way to get some exercise.  It's good for the body and brain!  Plus it was fun getting Ryan to myself for some good talks.  This is just one of the reasons I love living here...