Saturday, February 21, 2015

Brandy Visits

I was lucky enough to get a visit from Brandy this past week and I was so grateful for it!  It was just what I needed during this cold and snowy February.  She was here for five days and three of those days the girls didn't have school because of President's Day and weather days.  The two days the girls were at school, we packed in lots of shopping, lunching and even more visiting and catching up.  Ryan made us a really yummy dinner one night, we hit Macaroni Grill the last night she was here, we took the girls bowling, went to the SpongeBob movie that was really bad, and to a fun gourmet popcorn place on the Medina Square, I took her to Beachwood Place mall, she got to see Laney in her gymnastics element, and Addyson play volleyball at her clinic, lots of errands, and we just hung out.  Oh, and we hit record low temps on Friday while Brandy was here, yuck!  Haha. She keeps telling me it's my turn to head back to Texas to visit her for some sunshine and warmth before school is out, and I think I'm going to take her up on it.  I miss her already.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

The girls had their Valentine's Day parties at school yesterday and had so much fun.  Addyson says the V Day party is always her favorite of all the parties at school.  They made boxes at home to collect their Valentines and they turned out pretty cute.  This morning we gave the girls some fun treats and they loved them.  Chocolates, books, Legos and stuffed animals.  They were happy kiddos!  This year I asked Ryan not to get me anything for Valentine's Day because I think it's just another commercialized holiday and that we didn't need a day to force the other one to show how much they care.  Ryan is pretty much on that the other 364 days of the year, I'm blessed!  Anyway, in case he DID get me something, I went ahead and got him some of his favorite truffles.  He listened and didn't get me anything and felt really bad since I got him the truffles.  But, I was happy he didn't, it meant he was listening!  Haha.  Instead, I got to sleep in late, he cleaned the house top to bottom for me, and is doing a late dinner for us tonight.  A win win for all!  I'm pretty lucky to call these two little girls and husband my year round Valentines.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


This sweet baby lost one of her top front teeth this morning before school.  I love when mine lose these teeth because that toothless grin is so cute.  Hoping that tooth fairy is good to her tonight!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Sweet Testimony

This morning during Sacrament meeting I handed Delaney her usual pen and spiral notebook to keep her entertained.  I glanced down and saw the beginnings of  "Berry My Testemony".  I was curious, so I kept looking to see what else she'd write.  I was actually surprised she was thinking about testimonies at all, because it wasn't Fast and Testimony meeting, and we missed church last week, which was F and T.  So anyway, she kept writing and it ended up being one of the sweetest, simplest testimonies I've heard.  I teared up because it really touched me.  So proud of this baby of ours.  Sometimes I wonder if she's ready to be baptized and if she's fully aware of what it means.  In just 9 short months she turns 8 and she gets to make this important decision.  I've been thinking about her baptism a lot lately, and maybe this is the Lord's way of telling me she's going to be ready after all.  Love, love this sweet lady.