Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tooth #4 GONE

A while back Lane read a Junie B Jones book about how Junie B was about to lose a tooth, but wanted to wait until she got to school to pull it.  She told her parents that if you pulled it at school, you got this really neat treasure chest to keep it in.  We had a similar scenario at our house with the youngest.  This tooth was hanging on by a thread of her gums.  I was worried she'd swallow it in her sleep or choke on it while eating over the long Easter weekend.  She held out for that treasure chest and she got it.  The tooth came out during lunch at school.    And bonus, it was PINK.  Good job, Lane!  Some things are worth waiting for I suppose...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend Fun

Easter weekend has been a fun one!  The girls had off from school on Friday, and they have off Monday, too.  We started it off with Ryan getting a new basketball goal.  This is the third house we've lived in and finally he's got one.  He was so excited to get it put up and start playing.  We've had lots of fun with it.  It's been a weekend full of playing outside, egg hunts, egg dying, and some good family time.  I've noticed that Ryan hasn't been on the phone at all and we've had him to ourselves, a rare treat!  I love this time of year, it's warming up, and Easter is so special.  To know that Christ died for us so that we may live is amazing to me.  I'm so grateful for Him and His presence in my life.  Another fantastic Easter is in the books!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

General Conference

I absolutely loved watching conference today.  It almost seems to get better each time I watch!  The words of the prophet and his counselors and apostles are something I need to hear each April and October.
Each conference weekend I set the girls up with their own totes filled with conference packets they can color in and fill out, snacks, a fresh set of crayons and a spiral notebook.  It's something they look forward to when they know conference is coming up.

I'm so very blessed to be a member of this church and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Break in Utah

We chose to go to Logan for Spring Break and I'm so glad we did!  We always have such a great time with Cameron and Niki, and this trip was no different.  We flew in late Saturday night and stayed until the following Friday.  We ate at all of our favorite Logan spots; Fredrico's for pizza, Costa Vida for Sweet Pork salads, Juniper Take Out for Turkey Steaks, A&W for root beer freezes, and Nielsen's for Frozen Custard.  Yum.  I may need a cleanse to get myself back on track after all of that!   We spent some good time with Grandma Herzog.  I just love her so, she's right up there with both of my grandmothers that have passed away, and I'm so grateful that my girls will always have great memories of her.  She put Ryan to work by having him take down the outside Christmas lights, and I picked her brain with some cooking questions.  Delaney was especially fond of grandma this trip.  I'd look over and see her hugging grandma, or snuggling her on the couch.  She makes the time at her house so fun.  Ryan and Peyton made a fire in the pit one night so we could roast hotdogs and do s'mores, so fun!  The cousins played soccer and monkey in the middle.  Our girls are blessed with some pretty great cousins, they're more like good friends.  Cameron and Niki were so hospitable and so fun to be with.  Cameron took the girls on motorcycle rides and they loved it.  The day before we left we headed to Salt Lake to do some touristy stuff.  We toured the visitors center at the temple there, saw an IMAX movie and the kids swam a ton at the hotel.  
We kept busy the entire week we were there and it was a fun trip for our Spring Break this year!