Thursday, May 22, 2014

Activity Days and Prophets

Last night's Activity Days at church was based on Prophets.  Each girl picked a latter day prophet and researched him, then brought to church what they learned.  Addyson's was Brigham Young and she learned some things about him she didn't know.  Each girl also was to bring in a snack that started with the letter P.  Right away Addyson said she wanted to bring Peanut Butter Cups.  How was I not surprised by that, ha.  There was popcorn, pizza, pink lemonade, pretzels, Popsicles, peanuts, etc.  She had so much fun and I'm so greatful that she's got amazing Activity Days leaders in Sister Squire and Sister Parke!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Third Grade Wax Museum

This past week was the 3rd grade wax museum and Addyson has been looking forward to it all year.  Each third grader was assigned a part of a historical character that lived in Granger Township in the 1800's.  They had to reenact the character and memorize something that person would have said.  The kids had green dot stickers on their hands that "tourists" would press, then the kids would speak their part.  Addyson was the General Store owner and she did an amazing job.  A few times I tried to talk to her but she wouldn't respond because she was in full character mode, haha.  She had lots of fun with this and I think it was a great way for the kids to learn more about our local history.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


After the braces and expander came off, the retainer went on.  We decided to get an extra retainer because things happen...Addyson chose a rainbow colored one and a pink sparkly one.  I'm always so proud of how well she does with all of this Ortho stuff.  She doesn't complain and takes good care of her teeth.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Lane

It's starting to really hit me that our youngest isn't a baby at all anymore.  She's finishing up her kindergarten year at school, and for me that means she's a true student now.  Kindergarten was more fun than learning, and now the fun for her is coming to an end.  As I write this I'm pretty emotional.  I feel her "little" years slipping away and it makes me sad.  I'm so proud of the little person she is and who she's becoming, but I miss my tiny Lane.
I'm savoring these last few years of her wanting to lay on me all the time, she wanting to snuggle, hold my hand, and wants me to carry her to bed.  I love that she still loves to watch Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First before bed.  I love that she still picks me little flowers when we go on walks.  I love that look of surprise when I tell her something about the world that she had no idea about, like why there are thunderstorms or tornados.  I love that since she's learned to read, she spells out each word of her question.  I love that she still tries to cling to me when I drop her off at school or her church class.  I love the pictures she draws of her family when she's at school, and then tells me she tried to draw me the prettiest.  

I am so blessed by my two girls, and I'm making a conscious effort to slow down and really enjoy them while I have them in my care.  The world will have them soon enough...    

On a Mission

Lately I've had the impression that I need to start being really mindful of saving money, and paying attention to what each of our pennies and dollars are spent on.  Normally if I see something I like, or maybe the girls or Ryan would like, I buy it.  No questions asked.  Recently if there's an item I want I categorize it into a need or a want.  It really puts things into perspective for me.  Lane certainly doesn't need anymore new dresses for a while, and Addyson needs no more shorts or cute t's for the summer.   Today I needed to get to the grocery store, and for a change I went to Aldi's.  It's an off brand grocery store and I might go there if I'm in that area for maybe milk, but today I bought everything from my grocery list there.  I'm kind of picky about the brands I use, and some things like peanut butter I won't buy off brand, but something like cereal or crackers I will.  I was pleasantly surprised when I spent $68 on all of these groceries!  Normally that would be about $150 at Giant Eagle or Walmart.  There's a few things that aren't in the photo, like two hula hoops for the girls, $1.50 a piece!  Not a need, but a great deal.  
Ryan works so hard for our family and I think the least I can do is to try and make what he brings home go as far as it can.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Stomach Viruses and Cronuts

Wow, Mother's Day weekend, I'm glad to see you gone.  Saturday morning began with Lane throwing up.  Thankfully it was short lived.  The next day was Mother's Day and thankfully that was nice.  Ryan and the girls surprised me with a new cruiser bike that I love!  He then made me breakfast, we went to church and I really enjoyed it.  The young men took over primary the last hour so the primary teachers and presidency could go to Relief Society.  After church Ryan was in the kitchen again making Cronuts.  That would be a combination a croissant and a donut.  My word they were good!  I probably ate more than I needed to but that's where my new bike came in handy.  We went on a much needed hilly bike ride.

During the night last night Ryan woke up wth an awful stomach virus, then it hit Addyson this morning.  This might be the worst kind of sick you can get.  I'm praying I don't get it because Ryan is leaving town tonight and will be gone all week.  What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Fantastic Date Night

I decided to surprise Ryan with tickets to see one of our favorite comedians, Brian  Regan, this past Saturday night.  It was so much fun!  I told him to wear a sport coat and to be ready by 5:00.  We headed into Cleveland and our first stop was at Morton's Steak House.  Yum!  After, we headed to Playhouse Square to see Brian Regan.  This guy is so hilarious, and even the opening act was great.  I really enjoyed spending time with my other half that night, so glad to call him mine!  It's fun to reconnect after being so busy.  Thank goodness for date nights.....