Thursday, February 27, 2014

Good Friends

Yesterday I started feeling really crummy. I had a pedicure date with my friend Kathryn this morning, but as the night went on last night I started feeling worse. I texted her and told her I probably needed to cancel.  Good thing I did because this morning I woke up and was not doing good.  Around lunch time I had a text from Kathryn that she had lunch for  me and she was in the driveway.  A bowl of broccoli cheese soup and a cookie from Panera, yum!  Then a few hours later my friend Jordan brought dinner over for us.  When she showed up I cried, haha. I think it was a combination of feeling bad and so grateful for wonderful friends.  
I have made some great friends here in Ohio, it's definitely made this transition of our life that much easier.  I'm blessed.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tooth #3

Lane lost another tooth tonight.  She's not wanted to lose this one at home because she wanted to lose it at school. She read a Fancy Nancy book about Nancy losing a tooth at school and she got this cool treasure chest to put it in.  Lane thought she'd get to have the same thing at her school.  We tried to wait but that tooth was hanging on by a tiny piece of her gums and needed to come out.  I told her she probably didn't want to go to sleep with such a loose tooth in her mouth.  She agreed so I pulled a bit and the tooth came out.  She's excited about another tooth fairy visit tonight!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

8 and counting

We are on our 8th snow day from school this year.  Yes, I said 8.  Gone is the excitement of taking a day off from the world, sending kids out to build snowmen, baking cookies and making hot chocolate for little ones with cold hands.  Nope, we just go along as usual. We pretty much have the snow thing down pat.  No more shouts of "hooray!" when I tell the girls at 7 am that school had been cancelled.  It's kind of the norm around here now.  Wonder just how many more we'll rack up before the end of the school year?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Happy Heart Day, Indeed

Valentine's Day usually doesn't disappoint, and this one was no different.

I spent the afternoon at the girl's school volunteering at their class parties, then gave them their valentine treats when they got home.  Since Ryan is in the restaurant industry, we knew he'd have to work some that night.  He made it home by about 8:00 that night.  He came bearing lots of chocolate for his girls!  He also brought our little ones this enormous tub of Jelly Belly jelly beans and we had fun looking up recipes online to make different flavors.  Yum.  Last night Ryan and I got a babysitter and got to spend some one on one time together, it was great!  We had a pretty amazing dinner at Delmonicos Steak House in Independence then walked around the mall.  For Valentines Day Ryan got me all new bedding for our bed and I love it so much.  It arrived yesterday and it's pretty swanky if I do say!

So thankful for the love all around me from my sweet companion and my girls.  I'm certainly blessed.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Girl Scout Delaney

So lane came home from school about a month ago asking if she could be a Girl Scout.  One of her friends in her class is in a troop and mentioned it to her.  Today was the first outing Laney got to attend with her troop and it was roller skating.  We had so much fun!  The girls got to exchange Valentine's after they skated and they loved it.  At first, both girls weren't sure they liked the skating thing, but two hours later and they were doing great.  Definitely a fun Winter Saturday for us!

Book Bingo

Last night while Ryan was playing basketball with church friends, the girls and I tried our hand at some book bingo at Granger.  It was the first time they held this at the school and it turned out pretty fun!  It was free to get in, and each time someone got a bingo, they won a book.  They had tables set up in the hall with tons of books separated by grade.  All of the books were donated by families at our school, so pretty much it was just a book swap.  We came home with 6 books between the girls.  It was a fun to hang out with some of our friends and get some new to us books in the process!

Cooking Class

I signed Addyson up to take a cooking class on Saturday mornings at our local high school.  The class is taught by our relief society president, Marie McEntire.  It's been so much fun for Addyson and she's learning quite a bit!  Today they made deviled eggs, stained glass cookies and had love potion(just in time for valentines day)to drink.  
The kids are required to wear an apron at each class and the one that Grandma Fackrell made her is perfect for it!
Maybe Addyson has found her "thing" in cooking??

Friday, February 7, 2014

Reading Reward

At the girl's elementary school there's a reading reward given out every other month.  If each child reads at least 500 minutes per month, they get rewarded with a treat.  This time around the reward was a hot chocolate party.  I volunteered to help serve the kids, and as luck had it, Ryan was working home today so I asked him to come along and help.  It was so fun to have him help the other moms and me!  We served the hot chocolate out of crock pots and would refill each one as it ran out.  Ryan went to bring another full crock pot over to the serving table, but didn't realize it was still plugged in.  The lid was not on so there was a pretty good spill by Ryan.  He handled it well even though he got hot chocolate all over his jacket and shoes.  Yikes!  
I'm so glad we're able to volunteer at the girl's school when we can.  Such a blessing that they are in a great district with amazing teachers!