Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Mini-Recital

Addyson had her last ballet/tap class today, it was the last one of 4 classes, so they put on a condensed version of a recital for the parents.

She really liked it, and has decided that this Fall she wants to continue on with Ballet and Tap instead of gymnastics. She did well and I'm really proud of her!
Can you tell that Lane wants to get in on the action too?? She gets to take a Mommy and Me Gymnastics class this Fall, she'll love it!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"There are only two people in this whole world that can call me Dad"

I loved when I heard Ryan telling this to Addyson earlier this morning. He was talking to her about Father's Day as I was changing out the laundry and when I heard him say it I thought it was so cute...

What a fun Father's Day! Ryan was pretty well taken care of today I'd say. I woke up waaaaaaay early to get breakfast started(monkey bread and taquitos, his favorites)so that it would all be ready by the time he and the girls woke up. We gave him his presents and he actually liked all of it, shocker! I always keep receipts because Ryan is pretty particular about what he wears, which is a good thing I suppose! ;-) Addyson and I picked him out some new golf shirts and a pair of khaki shorts.

Mid-morning we all laid back down and each took a really good nap, ahhh! Just what everyone in our house needed.

It was really a great day spent with the people I love most. Thanks for being the best Dad that the girls or I could ever ask for, Ryan. We love YOU!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Birthday for Mom

Mom's birthday was yesterday so we(my girls and me along with my Dad, sister Brandy and her kids) took her to Lupe' Tortillas for lunch then back to her house for cake and presents, it was a great time...Delaney even took a decent nap in the Pack n' Play:)
Hope it was a great birthday Mom, you deserve it!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

An Early Birthday Present

Since we'll be in Alaska for my birthday this year, that was a good enough excuse for Ryan to give me my birthday present early:-) I've been wanting a BOB jogging stroller for a while now and I am now a proud owner of one! We've already taken it lots of places and it is the best stroller I've owned, and I've owned a few...
I've ran with it a few times and it's so nice. It almost makes running easier with it than without it! Love it...Thanks Ryan!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Are You My Mother?

I'm sure everyone has read this book? Well, we seem to have our own version going on at our house.
For the past 2 days Baxter has been "caring" for this baby bird that must have fallen out of it's nest. He constantly whines at the door to go out, not to go potty, but to hang with this bird and torment it. He starts barking at it, and then tons of birds gather on the fence squawking down at him, but this bird stays close to Baxter. Maybe it thinks Baxter is it's mother?

I got some pics of the bird and him today and it's pretty cute. Not sure if Baxter is annoyed by it, or just wants a friend. Hammer Johnson wants nothing to do with him, so I guess he has to look at other animals to become a "pet friend" as Ryan calls it:)

Dancing Queen

It's finally time....Our oldest little girl starts ballet and tap class next week! This was one of the first things I dreamt of doing with her once the ultrasound tech said, "Looks like a girl!".

Addyson twirls around here, does plie's, and points her toes as if she's a ballerina :) So, I thought now was the time to sign her up. I went and got her ballet and tap shoes tonight, she'll be thrilled to try on those tap shoes for sure. I always enjoyed my ballet and tap classes as a child, I hope she will too!