Sunday, May 29, 2016

Amazing Teachers

This school year probably been our best so far.  Really great teachers, good friends in the girls classes, and they both worked hard to make good grades.

Lane had Mrs. Grande and she was so great for her.  She was patient, loved her class, made learning fun, but with the right amount of strictness.  Towards the end of the year Lane started referring to her as Carol Grande. I thought that was pretty funny.  

Addyson had Miss Lawson, she was super!  I think the kids really related to her because she's young, which adds the fun element.  She's really into technology and the kids love that, too.  She really challenged Addyson with novel studies, and worked with her in her advanced (6th grade!)Math.  

Both teachers were easy for me to communicate with, I would give them each hugs when I'd see them, and I loved them for loving my girls.  It was tough to say goodbye!  We were so blessed by these two ladies.

Speech Contest

Addyson chose to participate in the annual speech contest again this year.  The theme this time was someone that you see as a hero.  Addyson chose Susan B. Anthony.  Her speech was awesome and the delivery was even better.  I'm amazed by her willingness to put herself out there, win or lose.  She spoke in front of parents, her peers, and teachers.  Not easy!  It was great for her to do and I was a proud mom that day!

Field Day and Carnival

The last week of school is always packed with so many activities, it's actually pretty hard to keep up with when kids bring lunch, when they don't, what time each event happens, what days are half days.  Crazy.  The kids love all of the excitement though.  The girls had lots of fun with their Field Days and carnivals this go round and I was glad I was able to go to each, with the exception of Lane's carnival.  A fun way to close out the school year!

5th Grade Choir and Orchestra Concerts

May has been FULL of all kinds of activities for my two, especially Addyson. Fifth grade has been so fun for her and I love that the school really celebrates these kids.  Addyson had her orchestra concert along with the other two elementary schools in our district.  She chose to play the Cello this year, and although she didn't practice much at home, she's done pretty well with it.  It was fun seeing her able to play an actual tune, and she was good!

Her choir concert was the next morning, and this was special because she, and two other friends, Regan and Emily, got chosen to sing as a trio during one of the songs.  She tried out for the part in early April and got it.  It was a great experience for her!  The girl is definitely musical and I love it!

Salvation Army

Several times a year, the youth in our church take turns bringing desserts and serving dinner to the people that come to the Salvation Army for food.  This month was the Beehives(the girls whom I lead), so I asked the girls that could to help me out and bring some brownies.  I had three takers, plus Delaney, so we were set.  On this night, Addyson was at a friends house, so I needed to bring Lane with me.  She drug her feet and didn't want to go, but I understood.  We had never served at the SA before, but there was a couple running the food program that showed us the ropes.  While were getting the food ready to serve, a man working there asked Lane if she'd be his potato salad server.  She looked at me with hesitation, then she looked back at him and said ok.  From that moment on, she took her job seriously and helped out in any way they asked.  I didn't do anything because the workers said this was something the youth needed to do on their own.  My heart was so full as I watched my daughter perform a selfless act for people in need.  Ryan was out of town working that day, so I sent him this text afterwards and it summed up how the evening went.

"Obviously lane was pretty mad because addyson got to go to a friends house and she had to go with me to the Salvation Army to serve dinner.  

The man running the show asked her to be the potato salad server and she ran with it.  I've never seen her act the way she did.  She interacted with the ppl she was serving and smiled the whole time.  She cleaned up after them and packed up food to go for them.  She told me on our way out that she felt really good about what she did and asked when we could come back.  There was a lady that pulled her aside and said, "young lady, I don't know if you go to church or believe in Jesus, but he's watching you right now and is so proud of you". It was hard to fight back the tears."

Afterwards I let her chose where she wanted to go for dinner, and she chose Mexican food, so Mexican it was!  

Sometimes in life we get pretty wrapped up in ourselves and what we need, and not so much the needs of others.  This was a great opportunity for Lane to step out of her box and to do something for others.  I know she felt good about it, and I told her that was the spirit she was feeling for sure.  She asked when we could do it again.  This was an experience I won't forget, and I'm sure she won't either.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Spring Nights

School is almost out, the sun is setting later, and the weather has been beautiful!  Ryan built us a really cool fire pit in the back yard, but he wants to build up the "pit" part some more.  The girls invited Madison and Mckenzie over for s'mores and some time in the spa last night.  Ryan and I sat by the fire and chatted for a while, it was so nice...Love late Spring and Sumner in Ohio.  It's definitely my happy place.