Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Day of School

The girls started school yesterday and I think they were ready. It was a fun and busy Summer, but I think they were happy to see their friends again and get back to a routine.  It's Addyson's last year in Elementary school and that's so hard to believe.  I can remember going to her Kindergarten orientation at Kilpatrick. Seems like it wasn't long ago.
I think this will be a pretty great year ahead for these ladies.  Hoping for way less snow days this year than last!

Meet the Teacher Night

The girls got their teacher assignments on the way home from our Texas trip and they were thrilled.  Addyson got Miss Lawson and Lane got Mrs Grande. I can't believe they're in Fifth and First grades this year.   I'm excited for them!

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Kind of at the last minute we decided to make the 19 hour drive South to Houston.  We've not done it since our move to Ohio three years ago so we went for it.  We spent almost two weeks there and it was fun.  The day after we arrived, Mom and Brandy hosted a 40th party for me complete with plenty of "senior citizen" decorations.  They had a cake and had Mexican food from one of my favorite restaurants for dinner.  Yum.  I really appreciated it.
While we were in Houston we swam everyday, met up with the Jahnkes for a day at a waterpark, spent time with the Popes, time with the Lahieres and Mom and Dad.  It wasn't my favorite thing making that drive to and from, but it was worth it to get in some good family time for us.  

Over The Hill

The dreaded 40th birthday made its appearance this year. I wasn't looking forward to it but then realized, it's just a number, and I lived another year.  Definitely worth celebrating.  Ryan and the girls tried to make the day before extra special since we were leaving for Houston the day of my birthday.  They lit candles that were in a bowl of ice cream and made me a really sweet card.  They make me cards each year, but this one was just extra kind.  When we got to Houston, Ryan said for me to go get the purse I've been wanting for a while, and who was I to argue?!  :).
It's good to be 40.