Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wisdom Teeth, Who Needs Em'??

Friday was a big day for Ryan. He was set to get his three remaining Wisdom Teeth pulled. Yes, I know, he's 35, why is he getting them out so late when the rest of us do this in our late teens/early 20's? I suppose there was no need to get them taken out at that point for him. Mine were yanked the Christmas of my Freshman year of college. Ok, back to our Ryan...He and I went to the doctor Friday morning, he got the teeth pulled, I laughed at the things he was saying when he was coming off the laughing gas, got him home and settled in, and the fun began. I'll spare the gory details, but let's just say that Ryan has had way more fun things happen to him in his life, the pulling of his wisdom teeth not being one of them.

This weekend has been a challenge to put it mildly. Trying to keep Ryan comfortable and two little girls away from him so he can rest, trying to find "soft" foods he can eat, laundry, dishes, etc., has been a little tough. The girls LOVE their Dad and when he's home they're usually all over him. I feel for him because he's been in lots of pain, but still patient, and even playing card games with Addyson.

Let's hope by this time next week this will all be a distant memory!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blessed Before He Even Knew It

About a month ago Brandy called to tell me that Dad was admitted to the hospital with a really bad bout of food poisoning. He was there for several days, and while he was there they did a CT scan. In that scan they found a mass on his right kidney. Instead of removing a piece of the tumor for testing, the doctor recommended the kidney be removed. It was too risky to take a piece of it, so the whole organ needed to come out. Dad kept saying that the bout with food poisoning was definitely a blessing, and I'd say I agree. How else would the doctors have known about the tumor on his kidney??

Fast forward to today, Dad went in for surgery to have the kidney removed. At 10:00 am they started the procedure, and by 11:15 it was over. They were able to remove the kidney arthroscopically(meaning, the incision is very tiny and therefore less recovery time)and he should get to go home in about 3-4 days.

I'm more than relieved this is over and Dad can start healing and getting back to his normal life. Also, I'm so amazed at the number of people we had praying for Dad! It's during the hard times that you truly know who loves and cares for you.

Thank you for the prayers!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

8 Years

8 years ago today I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Can't believe it's been that long now...And what blessings my church membership has brought me.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rainy/Cold Day Fun

What do you do when it's too yucky of a day to go outside/play/run errands? You bake!

I got some Valentine's brownies for Addyson and I to make on Sunday, but figured we'd have more fun making them today. The weather is too bad to do much of anything else. I baked the brownies, and she iced and decorated them. When Laney woke up from her nap they both got to enjoy the fruits of Addyson's labor.

Yes, the little one eats with her shirt off most of the time, she's probably one of the messiest little eaters I know!

Monday, February 8, 2010


We had the sweet missionaries from church over for dinner the other night. Ryan braved the monsoon storm to go and pick them up. It's always a treat to have them over; they bring a really special spirit with them, they play with the girls, we usually eat Carino's, and they eat a TON so we have no leftovers. Nice!
As the evening was coming to a close, they left a great message for our family. They challenged us to read our scriptures more. Even if we read them once a day, we should step it up to twice a day. There really are true blessings in reading the scriptures on a daily basis. I'm really making an effort to read a few chapters at night before bed. So much easier than in the morning...

What a blessing it was for these guys to come over and spend some time with us!


I've never been much of a reader, well, I'm an avid magazine reader, just not a BOOK reader. But, I have discovered that I LOVE to read books! It is such a great way to escape at the end of a long day. Sometimes if I have the time, I'll read a chapter or two during Laney's nap time.

I laugh at how I cringed in high school when an English teacher would assign a new book for us to read, ugh. I hated every second. Now I look forward to the times when I can curl up with Miss Hammer Johnson the cat, a warm blanket, and read. Sometimes at night I think maybe Ryan thinks I'm ignoring him because I'm so into my reading, ha ha

I started posting what book I'm reading on the side of my blog. I started True Colors by Kristin Hannah last week, and it's one of the best I've read so far. Give it a try!