Monday, April 27, 2009

A Not So Little Baby Anymore

So it was time, time for the graduation from the high chair to the booster seat for little Lane. To say she loathes her high chair would be a serious understatement. She would rather go hungry than to sit in her high chair for an entire meal. No kidding. So I made the decision to get the booster seat the other day, and Ryan "installed" it tonight before dinner. We now have a happy Lane!! She feels like a big girl sitting next to her very best friend, big sister, and I get a little girl who eats her food, yay!

It's hard to say goodbye to the high chair because we won't ever use it again, but at least I'll get a good eater out of the deal:)

A Rainy Day MESS!

Why am I showing pictures of a messy house you ask??
My kids(yes, dog included) can make the biggest messes ever when it rains. When it's a nice day we're always out and about or playing in the backyard so minimal messes get made in the living room, usually just in the game room, haha. Not today though! The toys weren't just in one area, they had to scatter them in every corner of the downstairs, fun times.....Luckily Addyson is pretty helpful in the cleaning up department, and she wasn't even the one who did the most damage;-)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Addyson has been asking me all week to have her friend Ashlyn over to play so we finally had her over, and they had so much fun. Ashlyn and her family moved in across the street a few months ago and she and Addyson became fast friends. They're only a month apart in age, and Ashlyn has a little sister, Brinley, who is 3 months older that Lane. Imagine that, 4 little girls all about the same age...TROUBLE! ha ha

The weather was perfect today so the girls spent most of their play date outside in the backyard. We got the bouncer out for the first time this year and they had fun playing on that. Lane even had her first bounce on it! Later on in the day Baxter Boy got his turn on it too....

I got some cute pics of the girls playing, and if you notice, Lane and Brinley look a little bit alike. They have the same color hair, strawberry blonde, and both so sweet! Ryan got on the tramp with the girls, think they like him??

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Teething Baby

My goodness, I have a little Lane that is teething something fierce right now. I am beyond sad for her. She is constantly crying, tugging at her ears, drooling, and has lots of messy diapers each day. I know teething is as much a part of baby-hood as them getting up during the night, but this is much different. And I guess I'm not used to it because Addyson never teethed this bad...
I peeked inside her little mouth today and she just has these swollen little pillow looking spots in several place around her gums, all teeth about to come in(I hope!). She already has her 2 year molars in, and pretty soon I bet she'll have all her teeth in, all before she's 18 months old. Ryan and I say that we'll sit back and relax when all the other kids her age are two and still teething, because she'll be DONE! She, and the rest of us, have worked so very hard for the teeth she has now.

We need to buy stock in the Motrin and Orajel companies, we are for sure keeping them in business!

***One of my favorite pics of Lane, check out all that hair! She loves her blanket, one of the things she can't live without.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Happenings :)

What a fun Easter weekend we've had so far...
Good Friday evening was spent with our wonderful neighbors, all 35 of them! Our next door neighbors held their annual fish fry and it's always so much fun because we can catch up with neighbors we don't get to see much, and meet new ones that have moved in recently. There are tons of kids so it's always a bit crazy, but a great time.
Yesterday we went to my parent's house for an egg hunt, and Lane's very first egg hunt! Last year she was too little, but this year she held her own with her cousins:) My Mom stuffed 150 eggs for the kids, wow! Ryan, Bobby, and my Dad hid the eggs for the little ones to find, and they did a great job. I'm pretty sure there are still some the kids didn't find, ha! By the way, have you had one of those Cadbury Golden Eggs? If not, go out and get one, now!

This morning we woke up and found that the Easter Bunny visited our house. The girls got some fun things in their baskets so they were pretty thrilled. Unfortunately they both have pretty nasty coughs so we decided to stay home from church, and I was sad about that.

I feel a real void by not getting to go to church today, missing church on Easter was hard.
I've been reflecting today on the Atonement and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, what a precious gift that He gave to us...