Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sick, Sick, and More Sick

It all began Halloween day when I woke up with a sore throat.  Fast forward 19 days later and everyone in the house has been sick in one way or another.  The person that's been hit the hardest is Lane.  She has coughed non stop along with almost daily fever for what seems like forever.  The last time she went to school was on her birthday, a good last day I suppose.  Just when I think she's ok to go back, she either has more fever, or a really bad night of coughing.  After a round of anti biotics that did nothing, Ryan and I thought it best she go to the urgent care clinic to rule out Pneumonia. The chest X Ray showed that her lungs were clear, but the Dr said it was possible that the cough/virus could hang on a bit longer, and he was right.  Here we are four days later and not much relief for her.  My prayer is that since its been tough for us the past few weeks, that we'll be blessed with a sick free holiday season.  We need some fun holiday cheer for sure!  Hoping we're on the tail end of this mess.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Delaney turns 8!

What a special birthday for an extra special lady.  Lane was so excited to turn 8, and I don't blame her!  She's ready to get Baptized so she "can get the Holy Spirit and become a member of our church."  I love this baby.
The celebrating began last Saturday when she had a roller skating party with all of her favorite friends.  Each girl she invited showed up so it was quite the bash.  Her birthday was on Thursday, and she started her day opening lots of presents from the people who love her the most.  At school I brought her Chick Fil A for lunch, then she passed out cream filled cupcakes with turquoise frosting to her class and Mrs Grande.  Yum.  That night she chose to go to Wassbi for dinner and that was lots of fun.  She calls it the cooker place because they cook hibachi style in front of you.  After dinner it was cake and singing.  She's a lucky kid, and I'm so glad she's ours.  Next up, her Baptism in December!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


There was a talk during the October General Conference session that I thought was really cool.  It was about a term I hadn't heard before called Ponderizing.  Basically, you choose a scripture and ponder/memorize it for a week and see how you can apply it to your life.  This struck me as something our family could really do and benefit from.  You think about the scripture when you may be struggling with something or really in any situation.  We started doing this two weeks ago and I've loved it, I think the rest of our little family has, too.  So each Monday a new person pics a scripture, we think about it all week until the next Monday.  We meet back for FHE, or if we don't have time for a full lesson, we quickly discuss how we were able to apply the scripture in our lives the past week.  Then someone else pics a new scripture and we start over.  I'm really excited about Ponderizing, it's definitely a great way for us all to really see the scriptures working for us in our day to day lives.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Trick or Treat

Yesterday was one of those days that I knew if I got through, I was home free.  LOTS was on the agenda.  The day started bright and early for me.  I volunteered to be a door greeter at a swim meet and that lasted 7-noon.  It we pretty darn boring, and I'm glad that it's behind me.  Shortly after I got home it was time to get kids in their Halloween costumes.  Our trick or treat time in our neighborhood was 2-4.  Our neighbor's The Williams do a hayride for the kids each year and it's always a big hit.  After that was over, Addyson went to her friend Regan's neighborhood for more trick or treating.  To says we have a ton of candy at our house is an understatement.  The girls had so much fun, we love Halloween.  Now on to the holidays!