Friday, March 28, 2014

Celebration of Art

Last night was the annual Celebration of Art at the girls' school.  Each year they choose a different country to focus their art projects on, and this year it was Mexico.  The girls were so excited to get to show off their masterpieces to me.  Ryan was out of town this week so he missed it, but thank goodness for iPhones so we can send him pics.  I think I have two cute budding artists on my hands!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Frozen Party

My girls saw the movie Frozen twice in the movie theater and immediately they were obsessed.  Finally it was released on DVD so I bought it for them.  As an extra special treat, I let them invite some friends over to watch it with them last Friday night.  We ordered pizza, I made "Frozen" cookies, and each girl that came over brought her favorite movie watching snack.  Ryan set up the projector in the living room and the girls got to watch the movie in style!  After the movie, the girls all headed outside to ride bikes, run off the sugar they consumed and played ghost in the graveyard.  It was so much fun, and when it was over Addyson told me how much fun she had and thanked me.  So glad we got to do it!  I have to say, Frozen is definitely one of my favorite Disney movies now!

A New Calling

I'm not sure why I've never been able to stay in a church calling for atleast a year, maybe that's good, and maybe it's bad.  In this particular instance I was sad to be released from my primary teacher calling.  I've been teaching Addyson's class since May of last year, but as of this past Saturday I'll be doing something new.  Brother Griffin asked me if I'd accept a calling as Primary Secretary and I accepted.  When I told Addyson she cried, but I told her I was happy that had the chance to teach her class at all.  She left me a sweet note the next morning before church.  Sweet girl.  I'm grateful that I'll still get to be among my girls at church and still learn all of the ins and outs of primary.  Not sure what all of my duties will be just yet, but I know I'll be working with some pretty fantastic ladies already serving in the primary presidency!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Scripture Chart

Each Sunday in primary everyone that has brought their scriptures to church raises their hand.  We count how many kids and teachers brought theirs then it's marked on a chart.  Lane has been wanting to color the chart since we moved into this ward.  Finally Sister Miller called on her and it brought her so much joy.  I had to get a photo of the momentous day! 

Father/Daughter Dance 2014

Ryan and his sweet girls had a special date night on Friday.  They danced the night away at the father/daughter dance at the school.  Laney was super excited because she got to go this year, last year she was still in preschool.
They all had a great time and are already looking forward to it next year!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Painted Penguin

Saturday night we decided to take the girls to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  We got to the mall and it was so crowded that we couldn't find a parking spot, which made us late for the movie.  We ended up grabbing dinner and walking around instead.  We spotted one of those stores where you pick a piece of ceramic and paint it.  The girls were probably more thrilled to do that than see the movie anyway.  Addyson chose a cute lion to paint, and Lane chose princess Belle.  I picked two small Christmas ornaments to paint, and Ryan painted one of them.  We had fun and created some great memories!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bike Riding

It warmed up to the mid 20's today so the girls thought it was a good time to get their bikes out of the garage.  Lane said, "I haven't ridden my bike in years!"  The bike riding only lasted about 10 minutes because they thought it was too cold.  Hmmm.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Only in Ohio the Winter would we wash the car in the garage.  Our cars gets so yucky from all of the salt, dirty snow, etc from driving around.  Since I'd prefer to not have my doors frozen shut, an inside the garage wash it is.  Thanks, my Ryan!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Talent Show STAR

Last night was the talent show for Granger and it was held at the high school.  Addyson and her friend Regan chose to sing a duet from the song, "For the First Time in Forever" from the movie, Frozen.  They've been practicing since October and they put on such an awesome performance.  You really couldn't pay me enough to get up on stage and sing in front of that many people, but she did great.  No nerves whatsoever!  These are some of my favorite pictures from the night.  Yay, Addyson!