Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Geneva on the Lake & Kirtland

Yesterday the girls and I drive up to see Suzie.  She parks her Motorhome at a campground in a town that sits on Lake Erie called Geneva on the Lake.  She comes up ever July 4th and leaves to go back to TX Labor Day weekend.  When we go the girls always swim in the pool there, they feed the ducks, we eat lunch, then always hit up our favorite ice cream place in town.  This particular trip felt different though.  The girls are really growing up, they didn't seem as interested in swimming, and when they did it didn't last long.  For some reason it hit me then that they aren't little bitty anymore.  Which is fine, it's just different now.  After our ice cream we went to a state park where we spent a little time walking around the beach of the lake.  

We left for home earlier than I thought we would, Suzie looked tired and I had a headache.  Half way home when we saw the exit for Kirtland, we decided to stop real quick for a walk around the temple.  I love the little town there, and the visitors center.  We didn't do that part, but just being on the temple grounds is special.  
It was a great day!

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