Monday, September 5, 2016


Our oldest turned 12 on Saturday and that's unreal to me.  This was an especially best birthday because she now gets to attend the Young Women class at church now instead of Primary.  She was so excited about it, and I was, too.  The celebrations started Friday night, the day before her birthday.  We planned a surprise party for her and I invited all of the Beehives from church.  I thought it'd be a fun way for them to welcome her in to YW.  Right now there are about 10 Beehives, and with three more coming in by December.  It's a really fun group right now.
Anyway, Addyson was so surprised and that made the party so much fun.  She had no clue, which was unusual because she can figure out most anything.  The girls all ran around in the yard, played air hockey in the shed, drank pink lemonade slushes, Ryan made chicken fettuccine alfredo, she had a cookie cake, and plenty of snacks.  It was a great time and I'm glad we were able to pull off such a fun surprise for her.  

The next day was her birthday so she started the day with donuts.  She got lots of fun gifts, some which were gift cards to Sephora and Ulta(make up stores), so she and I spent the afternoon shopping.  We had Five Guys cheeseburgers for dinner, then ended with a Tuxedo Cake.  I hope she had a great weekend celebrating, but I'm pretty sure she did.  It was pretty apparent after it was all over that this girl is very much loved!

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